Huawei Code Writer : Write (Send) Unlock Code To Huawei Modem

We can unlock Huawei modems by either Upgrading / Downgrading Firmware or Sending (writing) Unlock code to the Huawei Modem. There are many kind of Unlocking tools are available for Huawei Modems, Today i am here with an ultimate tool named HUAWEI MODEM CODE WRITER.

Generally when we insert the wrong SIM card in modem then by default it prompt for the unlock code but in case when your modem is not asking for the unlock code we have to manually (force fully) send the unlock code using this tool.

Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool Download :-

You can found the Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool from below download link.

Download Huawei Modem Code Writer

Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool Usages :-

  1. First of all make sure that you have generated unlock code for your modem (Generate Unlock Code Online)
  2. Open The Tool that you have downloaded, you can see following screen
    Huawei Code Writer
  3. In order to send unlock code we have to select the com port first, Click on Please Select The COM Port and you can see the following screen now click on Detect and your port is detected select it and Click on Accept .
    Huawei Code Writer Select Com Port
  4. Now Click on Unlock Modem and The Enter Modem Code Window will prompt and ask for the unlock code write down your Unlock code there and click on OK
    Huawei Code Writer Code Writing
  5. It will send the code to modem and you can see the Conformation

Huawei Modem Code Writer Video :-

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1,248 Replies to “Huawei Code Writer : Write (Send) Unlock Code To Huawei Modem”

  1. Hi i had done all in the post but it steel giving me an error my emei is

    IMEI 356793048424949
    Model E353s-2
    Unlock Code v1 62623043
    Unlock Code v2 18455447
    Unlock Code v3 17234653
    New Hash a9846ece02145b0e3fc093cac4439e6f
    Old Hash 842800be74d4e227cf06e932ceadee7d
    Flash Code 47645854

    if you can help me please i will apreciate what you u do for me on solvin my problem thanks and i hpe to get notice from you soom

  2. IMEI 860782035841701
    Model E5577s-321
    Unlock Code v1 62340679
    Unlock Code v2 16697490
    Unlock Code v3 44660742
    New Hash a8b405177b29f940ed42c9192f0e3ad5
    Old Hash fafc36eede72e34da2a18d4dea5cc3b3
    Flash Code 39019888

  3. I have command error showing up each time. I have downloaded the code writer on my pc.
    IMEI 868988015824698
    model E303
    Unlock code v1 66123478
    Unlock code v2 42231701
    Unlock code v3 22304459

  4. Hello I’m also getting SEND UNLOCK COMMAND…error. My IMEI is 395211030889646. I used unlock code 45005652. Thank you in advance for your help.

  5. Need help sir,
    whats the code?

    IMEI: 861303035774518
    Model: E5330Cs-82
    Unlock Code v1: 56340861
    Unlock Code v2: 34296906
    Unlock Code v3: 61997692
    New Hash: dbd0ccb2053e2ef69b11a94aa6b90cc7
    Old Hash: 36c9201cc721adb2630e2eff61418ca9
    Flash Code: 55638078

  6. Jigar, getting the same result. Send Unlock Command… ERROR

    Here is what I have been using
    Model No. : e303
    IMEI : 861862008886203
    NEW ALGO CODE : 56061394
    OLD ALGO CODE : 49340377
    FLASH CODE : 47663449

    Help please.

  7. Model No. : E8231s-1
    IMEI : 862869029394991
    NEW ALGO CODE : 52902468
    OLD ALGO CODE : 37570436
    FLASH CODE : 51212395
    pleace code

  8. pleace,unlock code

    Model No. : E8231s-1
    IMEI : 862869029394991
    NEW ALGO CODE : 52902468
    OLD ALGO CODE : 37570436
    FLASH CODE : 51212395

  9. Hi Mr. Patel,
    I tried your code generator, unfortunately it didn't work on my wifi model.
    I had two failed attempts already.
    I'm having a hard time, can you please help me out.
    IMEI: 867161029928910
    model: Huawei e5330 – 1cb1

  10. Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E3276
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :867497014420814

    Send Unlock Command… ERROR

    Bro, its giving me this error. What do i do now?

  11. sir
    my huawei E3276s-920 is locked
    but its not unlocked ,it show only airtel
    imei :-867497014444129
    NEW ALGO CODE : 20640646
    OLD ALGO CODE : 42731025
    FLASH CODE : 41037331
    try to open its not unlock why
    how to unlock

  12. COM port box is empty and nothing to select further. I tried all available 4 USB port.
    Could you please help me on this

    Vodafone Dongle – Z4201 I


  13. Model No. : E5373
    IMEI : 865103023381011
    NEW ALGO CODE : 26322503
    OLD ALGO CODE : 61007852
    FLASH CODE : 47535470

    Huawei modem unlock code and flash code calculator


    Unlock Code = 61007852
    Flash Code= 47535470

    Model No. : E5373
    IMEI : 865103023381011
    NEW UNLOCK CODE : 6300352

    i try all codes but still unlock
    please help me to unlock this modem

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