Huawei EC5321 Unlock (Wi-Fi Router)

Huawei EC5321 is a 3G CDMA SIM Base MI-FI (Mobile Wi-Fi) router which support CDMA Bands, EC-DO REV Bands. EC5321 provides 3.1mbps downloading speed and 1.8 mbps uploading speed. Huawei EC5321 Can used to connect upto 10 users using wi-fi network. Here in this article you can find unlocking solution for Huawei EC5321.



Unlock Huawei EC5321

In order to use other operator we need to unlock EC5321. Unlocking of EC5321 can done by following below steps.

  1. Turn Of Wi-Fi Modem.
  2. Note down IMEI Number (Which you can find written backside of modem).
  3. Using this Online Huawei Code Calculator generate unlock code for your device and note down it at some safe place.
  4. Now turn on your router.
  5. Connect to Wi-Fi Network created by your router (EC5321)
  6. Now open or htpp://pocket.wifi (Dont Worry if it says your Router is locked or Invalid SIM).
  8. Here you can find the box which ask you to enter the UNLOCK CODE, Please enter theUNLOCK CODE (New Algo) which you have generated in STEP –3.
  9. Click On Apply and you are done with unlocking

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42 Replies to “Huawei EC5321 Unlock (Wi-Fi Router)”

  1. Please I can't find the Advanced Settings
    Am not given the option
    What do I do please?
    I have already gotten the unlock and flash code of my Huawei EC5321 but don't know hw to proceed

  2. Hello Patel,
    I would like you to help me unlock my huawei pocket wifi
    I have tried before, but it did not work
    here are my details…

    Model No. : E5330Bs-2
    IMEI : 867161024268262
    NEW ALGO CODE : 96106435
    OLD ALGO CODE : 59700120
    FLASH CODE : 41015005

    I look forward to your help please
    Thank you
    Warm regards

  3. IMEI: 867574022033662
    SOFTWARE: L02HSmart1_M023IT_LED_L02H_V01
    HARDWARE: L02H_1_80
    MODEL: Smart LTE Wireless Router FX PR2

    is this posible to unlock?

  4. please find my unlock code this server is very very bad 🙁 🙁 🙁 model :E5336bs-2 my imei: 865706028293104 plz help me plz 🙁

    1. Sorry,Currently we don't have solution for this modem.However,our back-end team is working on this issue.

  5. please Unlock Huaweii EC5321
    SN : H7U4CA9360800004
    MEID : A0000043E419CA
    MDN : 22225953911 Model : EC5321u-1
    can not see IMEI Anywhere

  6. જીગરભાઈ, મારી પાસે CDMA dongle // Vodafone (2-Piece) Model : AC2746 // Reliance Netconnect+ (2-Piece) Model : AC2737 // MTS (2-Piece) Model : EC306-1 // MTS (1-Piece) WIFI EC315 // TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI (1-Piece) Model : EC315 // પડેલાં છે જો aa બધાં ડોન્ગલ તમારાં થકી unlock થાય તેમ હોય હું આપને મોકલાવવા માંગુ છું, જો આપ unlock કરાવી આપતા હોય તો, આભાર…

  7. મારી પાસે MTS નું મોડેલ નંબર EC306-1 CDMA ડોન્ગલ છે તેને Unlock કેવી રીતે કરવું? CDMA Workshop વગર તે unlock થઇ શકે?

    1. અત્યારે અમારી પાસે આ ડોન્ગલ નુ સોલ્યુસન નથી, અમે જલ્દીથી પોસ્ટ કરીશું

  8. Hii
    I have yureka mob and also have mi router ,when I connect hotspot it connected but there is a problem of limited in my yureka mob…
    But other mobiles are frequently connected..
    How I avoid this problem of my yureka mobile…
    Pls give any suggestion….??

    1. There is no problem with your router because other mobiles are connecting with that router.There is might be problem with your mobile.

      1. Sir… I already open HUAWEI pocket wifi. Model: E5220.
        I use Smart simcard Prepaid,
        but its always (relaod webpage).
        What should i do on this Sir?
        Suggestion please.

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