Unlock Huawei Modem And Pocket Wi-Fi Devices for VPN

Have you seen back side of your carrier-branded pocket Wi-Fi or Data card ? In most cases its Huawei Device with you carrier’s logo printed onto it and its locked to the carrier’s SIM Cards. Which means you can use only that carrier’s SIM Cards in that modem. Huawei is worlds leading manufacture company which makes verity of Pocket Wi-Fi (Mi-Fi, Mobile Wi-Fi) Devices for connecting to the Internet or using a VPN. With Allerta Privacy you can have a very good secure connection. You can buy Open-Line (Unlocked Modem) as well directly from Huawei, but if you have already bought from any service provider and its locked to specific carrier then read further. In this article I will show you how to unlock you carrier locked Huawei Modem And Pocket Wi-Fi and make it ready to use with any other carrier SIMs. Getting the best VPN you can continues to be an essential piece of kit to keep your online life as safe and secure as possible.

Mobile Wi-Fi devices don’t tend to cost much, but at just £39.99 with 1GB of data thrown in on Three the Huawei E5330 Mobile Wi-Fi is one of the very cheapest.

It’s also one of the very smallest, which is handy for a mobile Wi-Fi device. So far so good then, but is it good value or is there a reason it’s so cheap?

Read on to find out, as we cover every key aspect of the Huawei E5330 and help you answer the key question: should you buy it? Check our Portable WiFi Hotspot Guide.


Unlock Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi

In order to unlock Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi you need to follow this basic steps carefully.

  • First of all you need to find an IMEI number of your device which can be found by following methods.
    • Written on Box OR
    • Back side of the device OR
    • You can check it by removing the battery OR
    • Visit into your browser and got to Advance Settings >> Device Information
  • After getting IMEI Number we need to Calculate The Unlock Code For Your Device. this article will help you on how to calculate code for Huawei devices. you will get 3 Types of unlock code v1,v2,v3.
      • If Your IMEI Number is starting with 35 – Use Huawei Unlock Code V1
      • If Your IMEI Number is starting with 86 – Use Huawei Unlock Code V2
      • If Your Device is Router – Use Huawei Unlock Code V3
  • After getting perfect unlock codes  you have to Insert any Other Carrier’s SIM card (Invalid SIM) into device and start it. Connect to the hotspot Created by the device.
  • Now After Connecting to hotspot open or http://pocket.wifi and navigate to Advance Settings >> SIM Settings >> Unlock Device. You can see the box which is asking to enter the code enter you Unlock Code Which you got from the code calculator And Clock On Apply.

Huawei Pocket Wifi Unlock

  • That’s It Your modem is unlocked successfully.

Having any problem during unlock ?? Let us know your unlocking experience and feedbacks in comment section below the article. Your privacy on the website is very important, remember to have the proper VPN, the professionals from webkor they can help you finding the right for you for your needs.

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46 Replies to “Unlock Huawei Modem And Pocket Wi-Fi Devices for VPN”

  1. Can you help me unlock my pocket wifi?all the code i get are dosent work,,please help me,,thank you
    IMEI 866887023000063
    MODEL E5575s-210

  2. Can you help me unlock my pocket wifi?all the code i get are dosent work,,please help me,,thank you
    IMEI 866887021062271
    MODEL E5575
    V1 49214176
    V2 23124415
    V3 38189292

  3. Can you help me unlock my pocket wifi?all the code i get are dosent work,,please help me,,thank you
    IMEI 860861039334127
    MODEL E5573s-320

  4. hello i cannot press “APPLY” button it must be 16 digits, all the codes i got is only 8 digits, please help me:
    Huwawei Mobile Wifi E5785Lh-92a
    It’s Zain simcard only from Saudi and i want to unlocked the SIMLocked
    IMEI: 861721030462971
    S/N: 5785920800028419

    thank you advance 🙂

  5. I’m trying to unloak my PocketCube Huawei E5575s-210, customized Tre.it .
    My IMEI number is 866887020372416.
    I tried the calculated unlock codes 49128134 and 25685215, both unsuccessfully.
    Would you please send me the corect code.
    Thank you very much

  6. please unlock mu huawei

    type E5577 FS
    IMEI : 86877 60325 56264

    well i’ve got this :
    unlock code 1 : 58157598
    unlock code 2 : 76012456
    unlock code 3 : 11253436
    new hash : 9b343aa0b9e6dee303e014fde7033u1
    old hash : 1fd4038fffb7f4388de0d1f1f58e05de
    flash code : 37509670

    but the code is all wrong, can you help me sir ?
    Thank you

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