Firmware Upgrade / Downgrade In Huawei Modem

Firmware is nothing but the program code which contains of the control program for the devices. They may be permanently installed on the device or update able

As we know we can unlock some Huawei modem by updating or downgrading (Flashing) the firmware, In this article I will discuss on same.

Firmware Upgrade Files Downloading

you can download the firmware upgrade file from the our Huawei Firmware Portal.

Download Firmware

Firmware Upgrade Procedure:-

  1. Open the firmware upgrade file you have downloaded by double clicking on it
  2. As you open the firmware upgrade file you can see the terms and condition tab kindly select the I Agree and click on Next. Huawei Firmware Update
  3. Then it will search for the modem and  port , you can check following process.Firmware Update Search
  4. As it find the port and model details you can see the conformation tab kindly select the next. Firmware Update
  5. After conforming it will show following warning window click on next.Firmware Updaate
  6. Your Firmware is updating kindly wait until the process complete (Interrupting the process may damage your modem permanently ). Huawei Firmware Update
  7. As process completed you can see the success message. Firmware Update

Note:- If it will ask password during the update you have to provide the FLASH Code generated by IMEI

Firmware Upgrade Video Tutorial:-

Firmware Upgrade Error:-

Probably you can get following error during the firmware upgrade

Firmware Update Error

Solution :-

If you are getting this kind of error it means your modem is not properly connected or your dashboard is open so kindly close the dashboard and read following article

How to Connect Modem Properly

If you are facing any error during firmware update you might look at Error Solution During Firmware Update

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  1. To confirm the update for my E173, the program ask me for a password. I tried “admin” but it doesn’t work. Please help me, thank you
    my IME number is 861020009152386

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