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ZTE k3570 is a high speed mobile broadband device which provides high speed up-to 3.6 to the users in Indian market it is available along with Vodafone barrier so we can use only Vodafone SIM on it.This Device may cost around 1900 Rs-To 1600 Rs

Before starting unlocking process there few things which you should take into account, first is to make sure that your data card is detected in your desktop/laptop

How to Unlock ZTE K3570 Modem

    1. First Of All get ZTE K3570 Unlrocker From Here
    2. And Before Starting Unlockng Remove All default dashboard and driver That you had installed from K3570 by just going AddorRemove Program  
    3. Now First of all Instal K3570 Dashboard on your pc it will install Internet key Dashboard

    4. Then Try To install K3570 Driver on Pc
    5. Then Opean Internet Key Dash Board And make new profile and enjoy :P

Note :-Please Don’t Install Vodafone Default Driver After Unlocking

Hope you will be able to unlock your Modem

You can comment below if you are facing any issue, or simply say thanks for the above article

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