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Idea Cellular has launched Huawei E1732 as 7.2Mbps Hi speed device on March 2011 before that  E1550 as 3.6Mbps Device has much popularity in market. E1732 is a Mobile Broadband devise which is based on Qualcomm Chipset MSM6290. Lets see E1732 more in deep.

Firstly E1732 has Firmware version of Which is Compiled in March 2011, then after they have redesign the same Firmware again in April 2011, After that they have released the final and stable version of in June 2011 after one year idea has also changed the packing and Look of E1732.

E-1732 Idea E1732 New

Unlocking :-

First Of all when idea e1732 has launched there was no unlocking solution for its unlocking because it was the first Customized firmware based modem in Indian market so many people was misguiding the readers so I also have warned them by writing the post after couple of month there were many solutions available but I only recommended following Solution

  1. CDMA WorkShop Unlocking (Free)
  2. Dc-Unlocker Unlocking (Free For DC-Unlocker User)
  3. Mkey Unlocking (Free For Mkey User)

Unlocking Using CDMA Workshop may causes Error IMEI issue in That you will not able to receive the signals and your modem can not properly got connected, You can find ERROR IMEI Solution For E1732.

Downloads :-

Firmwares :-

  1. E1732 Firmware (April 2011)
  2. E1732 Firmware (June 2011)

Dashboards :-

  1. Idea Default Dashboard
  2. Idea Customized Dashboard
  3. Mobile Partner Customized Dashboard

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