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Huawei E585 is already reviewed by me, here is Huawei E585 specs (specifications) and you can also find the Firmware Version Details and download links for Huawei E585 and Dashboards For E585 also.

  1. Unlock Huawei E585
    1. Generating Unlock Code
    2. Entering The Unlock Code To Router
    3. Unlocking Issue (Problem) Troubleshoots
  2. Operating Huawei E585
    1. Creating Other Network Profile
  3. Huawei E585 Downloads
    1. Huawei E585 Firmware Downloads
    2. Huawei E585 Dashboard Downloads

Huawei E585

Huawei E585 Unlock

Huawei E585 can be easily unlock by just providing the unlock codes to the router, so in order to unlock Huawei E585 we have to generate the unlock code then we have to enter it in modem, go ahead and find all problem solution.

Huawei E585 Unlock Code Generator

First of all note down your IMEI number at safe place, and decide whether it supports Huawei New algorithm or Old algorithm for unlock code calculation. Then generate the unlock code for your Router IMEI by using our Online Huawei Unlock Code Calculator

Send Unlock Code To Huawei E585

After getting unlock code ready connect your modem with Invalid SIM Card and it will ask you to enter unlock code, enter the code there and check your modem is unlocked.

If your modem not asking unlock code automatically we can manually enter it, For that kindly plug your router Navigate to and it will ask to enter the unlock code

Alternatively you can also send unlock code to the modem by using Huawei Code Writer Tool which is a best and easy to use.

Troubleshoots The Problems

If you are facing any problem during unlocking kindly comment here with all the details will try to solve your issue as soon as possible

Operating Huawei E585

Wi-Fi Mobile Partner dashboard can be used for operating Huawei E585, which can provide the best user interface for the user operations, alternatively we can use the router from the browser also from .

Make Network Profile

After unlocking we need to make a different network profile for connecting the different network SIM card, follow the steps below to make new network profiles in Huawei E585.

  1. Open and find Change The Setting Option and it will ask you to Enter the admin password. (Default Password is admin )
  2. Now Go-To Advanced Settings >> Connection Settings >> Profile Settings >> New
  3. And Fill your connection details (Access Point Name, Dial Number, Username, Password)
  4. Save Your Profile And Connect to INTERNET

Huawei E585 Downloads

Find The Huawei Firmware and Dashboard From Below Download Links

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