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Huawei E303 is a well known and widely used mobile broadband device (USB Modem / Data card), it available in two types Hi-link and Normal.
In This article you can find Huawei E303 Specification , Firmware Update, Drivers, Unlock Solution. At the last of article you can check how to prepare Huawei E303 to different kinds of operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac

Huawei E303 Topic Covered

  1. Huawei E303 Unlock
    1. Get Unlock Code
    2. Write Unlock Code
    3. Update Firmware
  2. Huawei E303 Downloads
    1. Huawei E303 Drivers Download
    2. Huawei E303 Firmware Download
    3. Huawei E303 Dashboard Update Download
  3. Huawei E303 Configurations In Different Operating System
    1. Huawei E303 In Windows
    2. Huawei E303 In Linux
    3. Huawei E303 In MAC OSx
  4. Huawei E303 By service Provider
  5. Huawei E303 Supported Models

E303 Look

Huawei E303 Downloads :-

E303 Driver Download

You can download Huawei Modem Driverfrom Huawei Drivers section on HuaweiFirmwares.Com.

Huawei E303 Driver Download

E303 Firmware Update Download

Download E303 Firmware Update From Huawei E303 Category Section on HuaweiFirmwares.Com you can find following three firmware.

E303 Dashboard Download

Huawei E303 Supports a Mobile Partner you can check it out all version of Mobile Partner at given link

Huawei Mobile Partner Download

Huawei E303 Unlock :-

Some Huawei E303 Supports direct unlock and some support custom unlock here are both the methods for unlocking E303.

1. Get (Generate) Unlock Code

You can Use Our Online Huawei Code Calculator To generate the unlock code for E303 by IMEI.

2. Write Unlock Code To The Modem (Direct Unlock)

In order to unlock the modem we have enter the unlock code into the modem, you can do it easily by using our Huawei Code Writer.

3. Updating Firmware (Custom Unlock)>

If your modem is not unlocked by the sending the unlock code you need to update your firmware and then you have to again Write the unlock code to them modem.

Huawei E303 In Different Operating System :-

1.0 Huawei E303 In Windows (Xp/ Windows 7/ 8/ Vistal )

You can Refer Tutorial to install Mobile Partner in Windows To setting up Huawei E303 In Windows Operating Systems

2.0 Huawei E303 In Linux

Check out Following articles which may help you to get E303 Works on the Linux

  1. Setting Up Huawei modem in Ubuntu Linux
  2. Installing Huawei driver in Linux
  3. Setting Up Huawei modem in Fedora
  4. Setting Up Huawei Modem In Linux (Dialup Creation )

3.0 Huawei E303 In MAC

Check our Mobile Partner Mac installation On Huawei MAC Series

  1. Installing Huawei Driver On MAC OS X
  2. Setting Up Huawei Modem In MAC OS X


  • Italy Ingram Micro
  • Mexico Telcel
  • Paraguay Personal
  • Bolivia Nuevatel
  • Tanzania Vodacom
  • United Kingdom Universal
  • AUSTRIA yesss
  • Ghana Globacom
  • Indonesia Indosat
  • Azerbaijan Azerfon
  • Sri Lanka Dialog Telekom
  • Italy Wind
  • Indonesia Indosat
  • Burkina faso Telecel
  • Bahrain Zain
  • Azerbaijan Azerfon
  • Afghanistan Etisalat
  • Kenya Yu
  • Sri Lanka Airtel
  • Paraguay Personal
  • Chile Entel PCS
  • Esthonia Elisa
  • India Idea
  • Bahrain Zain
  • Thailand TTDG
  • America Five Countries Claro
  • Bolivia Entel
  • Hungary Telenor
  • Tanzania Tigo
  • Singapore MobileOne
  • Danmark Brightpoint
  • Kenya Safaricom
  • Lithuania Tele2
  • Tajikistan TTmobile
  • Seychelles Cables&Wireless
  • Mongolia ANEW
  • Ghana MTN
  • Seychelles Cables&Wireless
  • Peru Movistar
  • Jamaica Digicel
  • Brazil Nisalux
  • New Guinea Digicel
  • Guinea Areeba
  • Bosnia&Herzegovina BH Telekom
  • Tanzania Zantel
  • Jordan Umniah
  • New Guinea Digicel
  • Kirghizia Sky Mobile
  • Bolivia Tigo
  • Indonesia Indosat
  • India Open market
  • Morocco Maroc Telecom
  • Ecuador CNT
  • Costa Rica Comtel
  • Zambia MTN
  • Cote D’Ivoire
  • Croatia Vipnet
  • Jordan Umniah
  • Russia AKOS
  • Morocco Meditel
  • Russia Open Market
  • Taiwan SENAO
  • Ecuador Porta(Claro)
  • Peru Nextel
  • Guatemala Tigo
  • Panama Claro
  • Egypt Vodafone
  • Afghanistan MTN
  • Germany E-PLUS
  • Germany 2020
  • Liberia Lonestar
  • Guatemala Tigo
  • Cambodia channel
  • Laos Unitel
  • Albania AMC
  • Brazil VIVO
  • Sudan Zain
  • Indonesia Indosat
  • SudanZain_05010YFU
  • Argentina Telecom
  • Moldova Orange
  • Indonesia Telkomsel
  • Cameroon MTN
  • Belorussia Velcom
  • Argentina Telecom
  • VietNam Vinaphone
  • Bulgaria Vivacom
  • Slovakia TelefonicaO2
  • Nigeria Etisalat
  • Nigeria Glo
  • Argentina Personal
  • Slovakia Telefonica
  • Bulgaria Vivacom
  • Uganda MTN
  • Colombia UNE
  • Belorussia Life(BeST)
  • Paraguay Tigo
  • Spain TME
  • Philippine GlobeTelecom
  • VietNam Mobifone
  • Russia AKOS
  • VietNam Mobifon
  • Salvador Tigo
  • Thailand Dplus

Huawei E303 Supported Model

  • HUAWEI E303
  • HUAWEI E303s
  • HUAWEI E303s-1
  • HUAWEI E303s-2
  • HUAWEI E303s-3
  • HUAWEI E303s-6
  • HUAWEI E303s-65
  • HUAWEI E303Cs-6
  • HUAWEI E303Ms
  • HUAWEI E303Ms-2
  • HUAWEI E303Ds
  • HUAWEI E303Ds-1
  • HUAWEI E303u-6
  • HUAWEI E303u-1
  • HUAWEI E303u-2
  • HUAWEI E303Fs
  • HUAWEI E303Fs-1
  • HUAWEI E303Bs-1
  • HUAWEI E303s-1 HiLink
  • HUAWEI HiLink E303s-65
  • HUAWEI HiLink E303s-2
  • HUAWEI HiLink E303s-1
  • HUAWEI E303 HiLink
  • HUAWEI E303s HiLink

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