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Hello friends many of you have problems in unlocking this device Huawei E-177, So after trying many things a trick strikes into my mind which is the simplest of all other Huawei models. So I am very happy to say that unlocking trick for this model is not available anywhere and I just found it myself so you all guys must be very keen to know about this trick.

Docomo error 619 e177

E177 Unlock (Setps To  Follow)

Follow Below steps properly to unlock your Docomo E177 a 7.2Mbps Modem

Step :- 1) Generate Unlock Code

There are two different way to generate unlock code fro the huawei modems, First one is by using  our online tool Huawei code calculator other one is by using Huawei Universal Code Calculator.

By Using Huawei Code Calculator (Online)

Just Visit Http://Www.ModemUnlock.Com/huawei-code-calculator/ and put your IMEI in IMEI Box and click on generate and you will get the unlock code as well as flash code using new and old algorithm.

Read :- How to generate Unlocking Codes For Huawei Modems )

By Using Huawei Master Code Calculator (Offline Software)

  1. Note down the IMEI number of your Huawei device or data card.
  2. Now get the flash code for the Huawei model using universal Huawei Unlocker which you can download here.
  3. Then note down the flash code and Nck code as shown below.

STEP 2):- Write (Enter) Unlock Code In To Modem

There are also two types of method to enter the unlock code into your modem, First one is default and working for only some users and other one is by using huawei Huawei Code Writer which is working for all.

Default Method :-

  1. Just Connect Your Modem Properly (Read :- How to connect your modem properly)
  2. Install The default Dashboard.
  3. Now disconnect your modem with other then docomo SIM
  4. Then open the default dashboard and will be asked to enter the pin code.
  5. You just have to enter the Nck code their and your Data card is unlocked so now you can enjoy high speed internet with any other 2G network also.

By Using Huawei Code Writer :-

  1. Then Download Huawei Code Writer.
  2. Open Huawei Code Writer And Select on “Please Select The COM Port” and you can see on pop-up window Then Click On Detect And select the port From The Window Then Click OnAccept.
    Airtel E1731 Unlock
  3. Now Click on Unlock Modem It will Ask To Enter Unlock Code then Enter it and Click On OK.
  4. You are Done


Download Huawei E177 Firmware And make your modem up-to date

Download Huawei E177 Firmware


  1. Huawei E177 Dashboard Download (Windows)
  2. Huawei E177 Dashboard Download (Mac)
  3. Huawei E177 Dashboard Update Download
  4. Huawei E177 Driver Download
  5. Huawei E177 Linux Driver

E177 Bsnl Error :-

E177 Sometimes gives 619 error with bsnl network here is a solution for solving error which you can find in below link

E177 619 Error Solved

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